My name is Jessica Rowlands, I am 22 years old and I live in Oldbury just outside of Birmingham in the UK. I live at home with my mom and dad and my dog Pippa. I am currently in my first year of University studying Primary Education with QTS and on the weekends I work in retail.


I started my blog as I really got into makeup about 2 years ago (hence the name). I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never really had anything to blog about that really interested me and then along came my makeup obsession! It’s really strange because before I got into makeup about halfway through 2015 I never knew anything about it… I think the only thing I really wore was mascara… So, once my collection started growing and I started to get better at makeup I thought I’d start my blog to share my thoughts and opinions on products with other people interested in makeup and beauty. I am nowhere near as good as other bloggers out there but I like to think that I put my own personal style on how I write my posts and I always like to be 100% honest because like the saying says… “honesty is the best policy”

With all that being said, I hope you feel like you know a little bit about me and my blog and I hope we become great blogger friends!

– Jessica x